Upcoming Events 

Social Enterprise Symposium – March 1st, 2013. Follow the link to register and get all the information about the speakers!

Past Events

Sustainovate – Fall 2011. A series of Ted-Style lectures related to Sustainability. Among the speakers were Mark Stewart, of the University of Maryland Office of Sustainability and Mike Keough, Founder and CEO of E-Structors.

College Park Impact – Spring 2012. Using Design-Thinking principles, four teams of 10 students,faculty, and professionals worked with local College Park organizations to solve business challenges. The organizations in attendence were the College Park Community Food Bank, the Anacostia Watershed Society, Honey Glow, and the Embry Center for Family Life.

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Think Globally, Act Locally –  Fall 2012. Different student panels -education, engineering, health care, business – got engaged in identifying solutions to the problems in areas of education, engineering, and others. Networking with local social enterpreneurs, such as Nourishmat.