Changemakers Team

Executive Board

Gabrielle Rovegno, Co-President

Gabrielle Rovegno is a junior majoring in Soil and Watershed Science and minoring
in Agribusiness Economics. She has been interning at University of Maryland
Extension since last year and will continue to this year; doing work with rain barrel
rebate programs for residents in Prince George’s County as well as investigating
Prince George’s County’s food systems, and mapping out food deserts to provide
better quality food to lower income areas. Gabrielle has always been a strong
believer that consumers have the power to change corporations and you vote with
your dollar. This is why supporting Fair Trade, union made and sweatshop free
clothing and local farmers is very important to her. She is also doing work with
Dining Services to phase in new dining options so students will have more local,
organic and fair trade options in the dining halls. She ultimately wants to be involved with waste management and helping to aid the
sanitation crisis.

Why did you become a Changemaker?

When looking at what Ashoka does, I was always drawn to the fact that the Ashoka
fellows build a business using people in society many have written off, like creating
an urban farm for international refugees or helping women who were former
sex trafficking victims start their own business with a income source that is
empowering. They use creative ways to create a new market with a new work force
and it is beautiful when the two come together to drastically improve so many lives.

Abby Murray, Programming Chair

Abby Murray is a senior majoring in International Business and minoring in Spanish
language. Last year, Abby gained a passion for social entrepreneurship through
the Social Innovations Fellows Program. Through this program, Abby co-founded
and became a partner for Triple Impact, a Benefit LLC with a mission to create the
infrastructure to allow corporations to match their skills with communities in need. She
continues to participate in the Fellows Program as a Teaching Assistant. This year, she
will serve as the Campus Relations chair for the Changemaker team.

Why did you join Ashoka?

She believes that a major key to solving issues affecting our own community and the
world can be solved through social enterprise. It is true that business makes the world
go round. If corporations throughout the world incorporated social enterprise into their
mission statements and worked to improve the community around them, there would be
significantly less social and environmental issues. I joined the Changemaker team to help
instill the idea of social entrepreneurship throughout the Maryland community.

Melissa Gray, Marketing Chair


Melissa is currently a senior double majoring in Marketing and Design. After transferring from Prince George’s Community College she began working at the Stamp Student Union as a junior designer. She was a part of the Social Innovation Fellowship where she spent a semester learning about social entrepreneurship then a semester consulting with a social enterprise working to promote reforestation in Ecuador by facilitating sustainable cacao production.
She enjoys TED talks and learning about the power of design for social change. One day Melissa hopes to combine her interest in design, business, and social entrepreneurship to create innovative solutions to complex problems.
Why did you become a Changemaker?
My fascination with social entrepreneurship was sparked by the Social Innovation Fellowship. Once the course ended I wanted to continue being involved with the CSVC office leading me to Terp Changemakers. My favorite part of Changemakers is collaborating students who have diverse academic and personal backgrounds. Everyone brings something different to the table!
When my courses with the social innovation fellowship ended I was looking for another way to be involved with the CSVC  office. That is when I joined AshokaU Terp Changemakers. Working with a diverse a diverse group of students who want to make a positive impact is like a group project on steroids.

Praneet Puppala, Finance Chair

386371_10150425113398198_492903204_n 4.09.04 PMMy name is Praneet Puppala and I am a Freshman Computer Science and Finance double major. As a member of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program at the Honors College, I am taking a few courses related to Social Entrepreneurship. To get experience with real world applications of Social Entrepreneurship and to become more involved in this field, I joined Terp Changemakers. As someone that has always been active in community service, I understand the power that individual citizens have, but, at the same time, I see the much greater potential that businesses can provide when they support similar causes. They don’t have to shy away from their production or anything, but the simple idea that they take into account their effect on their community and strive to bring change is phenomenal. Yet, even more amazing is the actual effects this can bring, and I truly believe Terp Changemakers can help promote and raise awareness of this idea!

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