Contact our AshokaU Terp Changemakers with questions and comments at


2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I’m a junior at UMD interested in becoming involved with Terp Changemakers in the Spring, I work with a start up called iFlip4 and would like to bring my experiences working there and would like to learn from the changemakers community.

  2. Hi Omari! Thanks for your interest! We have some amazing opportunities for you! First of all,
    we are having our first general meeting of the semester next MONDAY, 02/11, 6 pm (room TBD, however, at VMH). Please come to meet us – we can discuss how you can get involved! In the mean time, you can pop-by at the Stampfest on Thursday and meet us at our table.

    Also, for the place of the meeting on Monday, follow us on FB ( and Twitter (@UMDChangemakers). Also, join our FB group to get in touch with other fellow changemakers:

    Thank you again,

    AshokaU TerpChangemakers Team

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