The AshokaU Terp Changemakers exist to promote the development of a culture of innovation and social change, along with a generation of students who feel empowered to test out novel ideas, approaches, products, and services to tackle today’s local, national, and international problems.

As a group of individuals, we foster the values we espouse through exemplifying the intersection of social innovation and business. Take any socially innovative idea, product, service — Education Reform, Global Public Health, The Slinky — and apply business principles, not toward profit, rather, toward an end goal in helping PEOPLE. The Ashoka organization is initiative-friendly and we’ve been active in exhibiting initiatives that provide a model of Social Entrepreneurship for the University of Maryland staff and student body. 

Changemaker Campuses is an initiative of Ashoka, Innovators for the Public, to support four universities in their efforts to embed social entrepreneurship on their campuses.With the help and support of student efforts at Cornell, Johns Hopkins, and George Mason, as well Ashoka, we are working towards becoming an institution that inspires and catalyzes social change at every level on campus.

To learn more about Social Entrepreneurship and Changemakers, check out these sites!

AshokaU Terpchangemakers’ Facebook

AshokaU Terpchangemakers’ Twitter


Ashoka, our parent organization:

UMD’s Center for Social Value Creation:


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